Cork flooring is eco-friendly. It is unique, attractive and can reduce stress on your feet and legs when you spend a lot of time standing on the floor. Cork is uncommonly used as other types of flooring materials, such as wood, vinyl, and laminate. Because of this, not everyone knows how difficult it is to maintain a cork floor.  

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Cleaning cork floors sometimes can be an intense process. To prevent damage, we have listed cork floor basic cleaning steps:

1. Reduce sunlight

Protect cork floors from bright sunlight, which will fade the colors of the floor. Use curtains, drapes, window tints, blinds, or other window treatments to block strong light.

2. Prevent rubbing from the furniture

Install felt pads under all heavy pieces of furniture. Put a protective mat under office chairs and other wheeled furniture.

3. Install mats near entrances and sinks

Use breathable mats made of natural fibers to collect moisture and dirt. Avoid mats with rubber or other non-porous support, which may trap moisture and cause discoloration. Wipe your feet each time you enter to avoid tracking dust and dirt onto your cork flooring.

4. Preserve your floor from moisture

When cork floors get wet, they expand, warp, and may ultimately crack. If you spill water on your floor, wipe it up immediately. Avoid placing items on your floor that may make it wet, such as humidifiers.

5. Reapply your floor’s sealant as it wears down

Cork tiles come pre-treated with sealant, but this will wear down eventually, if this happens, apply it once again. This is usually a water-based polyurethane finish. You may use temporary oil or hard wax oil, but these are more work to apply and last for a shorter time.

Here’s our recent cork floor cleaning in Utah

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