It is critical to keep hospitals clean in order to ensure patient safety. Cleaning practices that are appropriate are an important aspect of a larger plan to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated illnesses (HAIs).

When choosing materials and treatments, the cleanability and chemical resistance of vinyl flooring are the two most significant factors to consider.

Choosing the correct cleaning tools and equipment is just as important as training the cleaners themselves for good cleaning.

At Lions LLC, we take into account the following factors when establishing cleaning routines.

  • The level of infection risk in an area determines its cleaning protocol and frequency of application.
  • Cleaning is fundamental to good hospital hygiene.
  • Disinfection should be restricted to serious and very high-risk areas and only in case of infection.
  • Cleaning is a prerequisite to disinfection

Here is our recent Hospital Floor Cleaning service in Utah

Before Floor Cleaning

After Floor Cleaning

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