Lions LLC will now be partnering with Sundance Film Festival to ensure a successful, clean event every year.

Although we are located in Utah, we still love working with clients out of the state. As the new Sundance Film Festival janitorial cleaners, we make sure every theater and every eating area is cleaned up and ready for people to enjoy.

Lions LLC specializes in high-grade cleaning care that is gentle and chemical-free. You can rely on us because our staff has been trained and experienced in high-quality cleaning for a variety of large events. We care about how your festival or other event is presented and seen by the world. Let us keep it clean and attractive for your visitors.

Improve Visitor Experience

As people from around the world come to the Sundance Film Festival, it is essential that they feel comfortable and pleasant in their seats. Our team cleans during as well as after the event, so that event directors don’t have to worry.

Lions LLC cleaning services provide all of the following services to ensure an enjoyable experience for all who visit:

  • Mopping Floors
  • Wiping Chairs & Tables
  • Trash Pickup
  • Dusting Light Fixtures
  • Office Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Trash Disposal
  • And More!

Keeping Theaters Clean

We understand that the cleanliness of a movie theater can drastically affect the experience of the movie. When professionals hire a team of experienced film festival cleaners, they increase the enjoyment of the visitors in their theaters.

Keeping Resting & Eating Areas Clean

When travelers come to see the new films at a film festival, they need to eat somewhere. Around your theaters, it is important to keep trash cleaned up and off of the streets. This will enhance the aesthetic of your film festival.

For more cleaning updates, visit our page Lions LLC and contact us today, +1 801 477 7371

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