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Office cleaning is costing Salt Lake City, Utah everything. From the Wasatch Mountains to Ogden and south to St. George and in the City of Salt Lake, figuring out the price of office cleaning can be very different. There are many different types of buildings that need to have a janitorial cleaning service. Each one is different from the next. Figuring out how to get the right price for office cleaning in Salt Lake City will depend on a lot of different factors.

When you are looking for Costing Office Cleaning Salt Lake City, Utah here are a few questions to ask.

1- How many days of service do we need for costing office cleaning in Salt Lake City, Utah each week? Your customer type and traffic is one factor in cleaning costs. Less customer traffic will result in less cleaning, like 1-3 days a week. The type of clients also determines the cost. If you are a law office or CPA, bank, etc. You will need (4-7) days a week. It also depends on when you are open as well.

2-The size of your building determines the cost of office cleaning as well. If you have a smaller office, let’s say less than 2-3,000 square feet it means less time. The time would be maybe two hours maximum and the cost would be anywhere from $15-55 per hour. That’s a big swing but, remember if the office cleaning services are only there (1-3) days a week the size is bigger it will take longer. If it is cleaned less as well it takes longer to clean and to keep it clean longer.

3- The type of business getting a janitorial service determines price as well. If someone comes to see that you are a bank then it’s a simple clean without lots of debris. When it’s a manufacturing office or industrial building like a mechanic shop then it takes longer to clean. The size and frequency of cleaning the offices and restrooms and break rooms etc. take longer to clean. We have to remove the grease, debris, and other types of random materials.


As you can see there are a lot of different factors that come into pricing and Costing Office Cleaning Salt Lake City, Utah. Just a few more real quick prices also come into play like the cost of labor (regardless of the minimum wage) in the city or state. Many towns and cities have limited labor for basic labor and the rise in minimum wages hike up the prices on labor. When you want your office cleaned will change the cost. Day cleaning programs generally cost more because now they are full-time day cleaners versus part-time night cleaners. Nights are cheaper because the office cleaners have the flexibility to clean.

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