Terms & Conditions

The following definitions are applied to these terms and conditions

·         On the website terms We, and Us, Company mean Lion’s LLC

·         The terms “Cleaners, Handymen Janitors, Staff, etc. mean our employees carrying a service

·         The terms Client, Customer, etc. mean the person looking for our services or to whom the services are supplied 

1. Lion’s LLC offers a full range of cleaning, janitorial, and handymen services in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

2. The company has one and a half hours of minimum service period and it can be altered or tailored by the clients. The company can change the quoted rates if the client needs additional services.

3. Any quotation provided to the client by the company means that Lion’s LLC is responsible to deliver these services on a set schedule and at a briefed location. The company is liable to present the services on-time and quality assurance is also guaranteed for all sorts of jobs (come under our expertise) 

4. If the client has specifically addressed all the services, the company is bound to deliver everything, anyhow if the client is not specified then we will only perform basic services of cleaning, janitorial, and handymen.

5. At the time of performing the services if the client asks for additional chores like window cleaning or oven cleaning then the normal rates would be applied. The additional rates will be incorporated into the final invoice.

6. If the client prevents the cleaners to do any chore at the time of service delivery, the company is not responsible for anything. The price quotation will remain unchanged.

7. The payment method for each service is very simple. All services will be invoiced and sent to the client. In accordance with the agreement or the agreeable quoted rates, the client is responsible to pay.

8. If the client asks for a regular service then the payment will be made on a weekly, and monthly basis, as desired.

9. Payment can be given through cash, debit or credit card, and bank transfer. 10. The company reserves the right to cancel service if all the dates are booked.